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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quirvana 17

Everyone begins their quiz saying "I'm posting this after a long time." Now I know why people write this line. I am posting a quiz online after over an year and I feel the same!

However, here are 7 questions. Answers to all those who respond.
  1. Where would you see the practical application of a device/mechanism with US patent no 5,255,452 meant to create an anti-gravity illusion?
  2. Which term was coined by Darcy DiNucci in 1999 in her article where she writes 'The first glimmerings of ________ are beginning to appear, and we are just starting to see how that embryo might develop' ?
  3. What first was established by a movie made by MGM in 1932 'Rasputin and The Empress' which is now a common feature with almost all movies ?
  4. Ulhasnagar - a military camp in the pre-Independence era, has transformed into to a major commercial centre of Maharashtra by the Sindhis who came over during partition. Given their acumen for business and the demand for imported electronic products, they used a particular label on the products they sold to sustain competition. What did the label read?
  5. It was developed by Unisys, a Pennsylvania based IT company for the Police Information Technology Organisation under the Private Finance Initiative in the United Kingdom. It is an IT system used by the police to assist with the investigation of serious crimes including murder and fraud. It is aptly named as __________?
  6. Which commonly used term is named after the 'pulses of sound made by a sonar, since its operation is analogous to active sonar in submarines, in which an operator issues a pulse of energy at the target, which then bounces from the target and is received by the operator' ?
  7. Joseph-Armand _________ a mechanic dreamed of building a vehicle that could "float on snow." In 1937, he designed and produced his first snowmobile called B7 in his small repair shop in Valcourt, Quebec. Today it is one of the best in its field. Fill in the blank.
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- Deepak Karamungikar