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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quinkie 5th Anniversary Quiz

Dear All,

I congratulate each and every member of Quinkie for this wonderful achievement. Hope the success run continues for many more years!! Here is my contribution for the anniversary special series of quizzes. Since it is the 5th anniversary, here are 5 questions and their answers!

1. This company has the photograph of the Matterhorn mountain as it's logo. The logo also incorporates a 'hidden bear' which is the Swiss symbol for Bern, signifying the place of origin of this company by Theodor ______ and Emil Baumann in 1908. Identify.


2. In 1900, seven brothers migrated from Italy to the USA and started an aircraft manufacturing company with their family name. This business was operational till 1976 although the products changed. In 1968, one of the brothers Candido, invented and started marketing their most famous creation till date. 'Water that moves you' is their base line. Identify the family/product.


3. The origins of this term trace back to the early days of radio broadcasts when programmes were broadcast at time slots when housewives were available to listen. P&G, Colgate-Palmolive and Lever Brothers have contributed significantly to the origin of this popular term. Identify.


4. Which company's first product was this safe?


5. Which commonly used word today originates from these buses?