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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quirvana - 18

Hi All,

Please find below, a small quiz. I am happy that I am posting a quiz after 1.5 yrs. I hope you'll enjoy it. Please send in the answers to

1. According to which book, the 24 hours in a day of a wise and virtuous King must ideally be divided into 16 periods each of 90 minutes each, in which he should plan his everyday activities? 

2. This term is believed to have been coined  in 1935, while referring to  a radio announcer called Martin Block. As the audience awaited news on Charles Lindberg Jr's kidnapping, Block played records and created the illusion that he was broadcasting from a ballroom, with the nation’s top dance bands performing live. The show, which he called Make Believe Ballroom, was an instant hit. Which term?

3. What is the claim to fame of this building?

4. Connect the visuals.

5. With respect to the Television industry, what do the green colored areas represent? 

Warm Regards,
Deepak Karamungikar