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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ET in the classroom 2007 - Hyderabad Edition

Hi all.

Just back from the ET in the classroom Quiz 2007 - Hyderabad edition. It was a cracker of a quiz. Giri Balasubramanian was his usual selfwith some humor and spontaneity. There was a huge turn out at Harihara Kalabhavan in Secunderabad today. All the famous names in Hyderabad's college level quizzing were present. Coming to the quiz, there were twenty questions in the prelims which included visuals scattered between them. The 6 teams which made it to the stage were:

ICFAI - Uday and Sriram
IPE - Chandu and Mithun
JNTU - Latheesh and Raghuram
ICFAI National College - Meher and Raja
ISB - Gururaj and Siddharth
OUCCBM - Narendar and Sumanth

The quiz ended in a Tie - breaker for the 1st spot between OUCCBM and ICFAI and another tie breaker for the second spot between ICFAI National College and ISB. ICFAI (Uday and Sriram) finally won the Quiz and they took home MOTO RAZRs along with many other prizes.The questions from the prelims are as follows:

1. The new version of which car is known as Estillo?

2. In 1975, David Ogilvy, at O & M, developed the highly succesful 'Dont leave home without it' ad campaign. Who was their client?

3. Who owns, in terms of stock holdings, 12.1% of American Express, 8.3% of Coca Cola, 16.2% of Moody's and 18.1% of Washington Post?

4. Logo: AT&T

5. How do we better know, the Victor company of Japan?

6. Which company, according to its website, claims to be the world's largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines?

7. The German Fanta Klara Zitrone (clear lemon Fanta), gave rise to which famous brand from Coca Cola?

8. Which camera company is soon to quit the camera business due to high losses and will hand over the business to Sony on 31st March 2007?

9. Panasonic sponsors which F1 team?

10. Which company founded by Toshio Lue, in 1947, has the name which means 3 oceans in Japanese?

11. Identify the logo: Colgate Palmolive

12. Robert J Keegan is the chairman and president of which tyre manufacturing company?

13. Who is HOG in NYSE?

14. Which instant food company is famous for its '57 varities' slogan?

15. How do we know Tennesee whiskey distillery and brand known for its rectangular bottles and black labelling?

16. Identify the person: Alvin Tofler

17. Which pharma company owns the brand Acuve contact lens?

18. Hallmark logo

19. Cornellius, Snap, Crackle and Pop are all mascots of which company?

20. Identify the person: Steven Covey.

Excellent display of quizzing abilities by ICFAI and OU. All in all, it was worth a half day leave from office.

- Deepak Karamungikar